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尊重别人,就是庄严自己To respect others is to dignify oneself





记得有一篇文章中提到:“经常尊重人的人,每动一次念,就庄严一次,长此以往,相貌就显出庄严相。” “经常发脾气的人,每动一次念,就立眉瞪眼一次,长此以往,相貌就显丑陋相。”叔叔也经常告诉我们相由心生的道理,内心光明善良,或者是黑暗邪恶,都能够从面相上看出。所以希望我们都能够摈弃那些原来形成的不好的思维和习惯,怀着谦逊的品质,善良的心态去为人处事,用最好的面貌与最好的状态去面对生活中的每一天。

To respect others is to dignify oneself

I read an article recently and there was an impressive sentence: Others respect you not because you are excellent, but because others are excellent. Respect reflects a person's character and quality, and is also the greatest manifestation of a person's upbringing.

Uncle often teaches us: There are many people with abilities and talents, but not many know how to respect others from the heart. Both Chinese and Western traditional cultures advocate treating others with respect, humility, and kindness, and putting oneself down, such as "Humility benefits, humility brings harm", Washington's code of handling things with humility, etc. But now in our daily lives, it has become a habit to be arrogant, arrogant, eager to be a teacher, domineering, and to elevate ourselves and belittle others. Many people tend to be dissatisfied with each other and look down upon each other, no matter how they treat their family members, colleagues, or friends. Respect for people only stays on the surface, but it is different from what it looks like. When encountering a slight conflict, they "reveal their true colors", fight with each other, and even speak unscrupulously.

When you are scornful, reprimanded or even bossy, you don't know that you are derogating yourself. Instead, you feel that you are reasonable, "powerful" and "powerful". In fact, in ancient times, such behavior was very disdainful and truly embarrassing.

I remember an article mentioned: "People who always respect others will become solemn every time they think about it. If things go on like this, their appearance will show a solemn look." "People who often lose their temper will raise their eyebrows and glare every time they think about it." Once, if things go on like this, your appearance will become ugly." My uncle also often told us that appearance comes from the heart, and whether the heart is bright and kind, or dark and evil, can be seen from the face. Therefore, I hope that we can all abandon those bad thoughts and habits that we have formed, treat others with humility and a kind attitude, and face every day of life with the best appearance and best state.

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