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对安士全书有感 Thoughts After Reading AnshiQuanshu



This week I read a story in An Shiquan, which really moved me. The content is as follows: There was an official in Macheng County, Hubei Province who had accumulated thousands of gold worth of assets and was planning to redeem the land he had sold twenty years ago. His son was only twelve years old. When he found out, he asked his father: "How many people bought my land back then?" The father said: "About twenty." He then asked: "How much did they spend after purchasing the land?" Money?" The father then told his son the amount of the banquet and other incidental expenses. After hearing this, the son said to his father with an upright attitude: "In this case, if my family wants to redeem the land, they will suffer a big loss. Even if they redeem it, it will damage their moral character. Moreover, my family has money, but they are afraid that they will not be able to buy the land. Why must we be determined? How do we fight for the more than 20 fields that support our lives? Not to mention that it is very difficult for poor people to buy some property, but it is easy for my family to buy land. Even if they use the original money to buy another field, the number of acres will be reduced by half. Besides, it is easy for poor people to spend money when they have it." The father was silent for a long time and said: "What my son said makes sense, but the eighteen acres of land next to the tomb must be redeemed for the purpose of sweeping, and the rest will be There is no need to redeem it." The son said, "In that case, buy it fairly at the current price without telling them that it is a redemption." The father also complied. Therefore, the villagers were very grateful and often prayed and blessed him in the small temple of fierce generals. Later, when his son was eighteen years old, he passed the imperial examinations one after another and was promoted to Yanzhou Shou. One day he rode across the bridge, but the horse jumped to cross the river. Suddenly he saw a fierce general in the air reaching out to help him sit upright by the bridge. Only then did he realize that it was the feeling of people from his hometown praying for him. Later he died in his eighties.

In ancient times, a twelve-year-old child knew that he should accumulate virtue and do good, be considerate of others, think about what others don't think about, and consider what others don't think about. But we people today don’t believe in anything and just spend our days dancing, playing games, and drinking. A person's life is determined. How long he lives, how much money he earns, and how many children he has are all determined by the merit he accumulated in his previous life. Believe it or not, this is the rule of the universe, so stop wasting your life foolishly. There is an old saying that goes well, it is better to believe that something exists than to believe something does not exist. If you believe it and follow it, there will be no harm to you, but if you don't believe it and find out it's true after you die, then you will regret it too late and it will never be undone.

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