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害人者害己,爱人者爱己he who harms others harms himself, and he who loves others loves himself


Often when doing things, the starting point is selfishness or selfishness. Conceited people are generally very arrogant and don't listen to other people's opinions, but kind people are the exact opposite. Recently, when I got along with my classmates, I was greatly influenced by Xiaoshan. Sometimes when I look at a problem, I only judge things from my own standpoint, which also causes me to always make mistakes when doing things, or make others feel uncomfortable. But Xiaoshan is different. When he often looks at problems, he always starts from the standpoint of others and judges things according to objective facts. So when Xiaoshan handles things, the error rate is very small, and it makes others feel good. Two different starting points will lead to different results. Now under the influence of everyone, although the error rate is still high when doing things by myself, it has increased compared to before. Arrogance will only harm oneself in the end, and only those who are humble and kind can really help themselves. Those who harm others harm themselves, those who love others love themselves

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