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实习 Field Placement

这周四,我开始了自己的实习生涯。我学的专业是幼儿早教,所以实习内容就是去幼儿园照看不同年龄大小的小朋友,这次是2岁半到4岁。当我第一天带着紧张和好奇的心情来到幼儿园的时候,发现这里的孩子每个都是活泼可爱、憨态可掬。 当我和他们打招呼介绍自己时,他们一拥而上将我围了起来,有的走过来拉着我的手,有的站在旁边瞪着大眼睛好奇地看着我,还有几个直接就扑过来抱住我的大腿,就是所谓的“抱大腿”。真是厉害啊!这么小就学会了这样一个生活哲学,值得鼓励表扬,当然这是玩笑话。就这样我的第一天实习就在孩子们抱大腿的过程中,非常忙碌和愉快的渡过了。


This Thursday, I started my internship. My major is early childhood education, so the internship content is to go to a kindergarten to take care of children of different ages. This time, they are 2 and a half to 4 years old. When I came to the kindergarten on the first day with nervousness and curiosity, I found that every child here was lively, cute, and naive. When I greeted them and introduced myself, they swarmed around me. Some came over and held my hand, some stood beside me with wide eyes and looked at me curiously, and a few rushed towards me directly. Holding my thigh is what is called "thigh hugging". How awesome! Learning such a life philosophy at such a young age deserves encouragement and praise. Of course, this is a joke. In this way, my first day of internship was spent very busy and happily while the children held their laps.

Of course, during the internship process, I also had some new thoughts. These children abroad do live a happy life, but they feel like they are spoiled. Should we let children develop their personalities freely, or should we restrain and discipline them? How to balance the two is a question I want to think about in the future in education.

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