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安大略湖畔一日游Lake Ontario Day Trip









Lake Ontario Day Trip

This week, my uncle organized everyone to go to Cliff Park on the shore of Lake Ontario, where we had barbecues and had fun.

In the morning, we arrived at the park, "set up camp" near the lake, and began to prepare the ingredients for the barbecue. At this time, the surface of the lake was a little foggy, and the sun shone on the water surface with little flashes, sparkling and very beautiful. Seagulls and wild geese are resting on the rocks on the shore, everything is so quiet and peaceful.

At noon, everyone started to get busy. There are a lot of ingredients to prepare, including mutton kebabs, grilled sausages, grilled buns, grilled corn, grilled eggplant, vegetarian chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. The most interesting thing is the mushrooms, sliced Put it on the pan and fry it, add your favorite seasoning, even just a little salt, it is a very delicious food, served with rice and cakes, everyone agrees that it is better than barbecue.

After eating and drinking, everyone went to the beach to play in the afternoon. Lake Ontario is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. Playing on the beach here feels like coming to the sea. The coastline and the vast sandy beach can't be seen at a glance. With unique green plants, each one is a beautiful scenery.

We also plan to go to the most famous cliff in Cliff Park. There is a path next to the parking lot. We are going to explore it to see if there is a way to climb up. Unfortunately, the path does not lead to the top of the mountain. The cliffs are not suitable for most people to climb up. But the scenery on the lower road is also unique. The shade of the trees completely blocks the blue sky, the beach and the lake, and there are endless green trees and grass on the path. Gives people a wonderful experience of entering the forest to explore.

Later, we drove to find the entrance to the cliff, and saw the most beautiful scenery in the park as we wished. The white cliffs are majestic and beautiful. Looking forward, the water and the sky are the same color, and it is still a lake that cannot be seen. However, whether it is a yacht on the lake or a person on the beach, they all seem very small. In that situation, only One word can describe it: magnificent.

We ended the day with a group photo on the cliff. Compared with last year, we have a richer experience. Under the leadership of our uncle, we have prepared rich ingredients and sufficient equipment. At the same time, we have also explored several scenic spots that we have never been to. This summer barbecue by the lake is really fun. Happy, fulfilling, good trip.

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