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安全驾驶Safe driving




One day during the week, on our way back from errands, we witnessed a traffic accident. After a car was hit, the whole thing turned up and the roof of the car fell to the ground. Seeing this scene, we and many passers-by started to call 911 for rescue, and within a few minutes of making the call, before hanging up the phone, the police and ambulance had already set off and drove to the destination. Soon the police and ambulance arrived on the scene and began to deal with the accident. We feel sorry for those injured and admire the efficiency of those staff.

This traffic accident has given us a lot of enlightenment and warning. First of all, we should abide by the traffic rules. In the process of driving, we must drive strictly according to the traffic rules, put safety first, and do not speed, run red lights, drink and drive, etc., so as not to bring danger to ourselves and others. In fact, this experience of witnessing a car accident is not the first time in our lives. After learning to drive, we have encountered many vehicle collisions around us. Just like what I shared with you some time ago about the small animal being hit by a car, people are becoming more and more indifferent to life and others, and they only think about themselves when they do things. Maybe when driving, there may only be one car that chooses to be humble. After a while, car accidents will not happen so frequently.

Just like my uncle often taught us, we should do things with the aim of doing well, and at the same time, think more from the perspective of the other party. Doing things in this way will not make mistakes and will not lead to bad things. So uncle told us that a good way of thinking, Behavioral habits determine whether a person can be truly happy in the end. If we all can be less selfish and more considerate of others, then it will be difficult for people to have conflicts, car accidents, animals being hit, and quarrels between people And so on, it will gradually decrease, so that everything becomes beautiful.

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