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学车收获多 Drive and Grow

这周姐姐一次便顺利通过了G2考试,成功的拿到了G2驾照。我们都非常的开心,因为姐姐终于可以独自开车了,当然这也能适当减轻叔叔的负担,在外出的时候帮叔叔开车。姐姐在和教练练车的时候,叔叔也让我一直陪着姐姐,这个过程中我也学到了很多,比如平行泊车、三点掉头和停车入库的一些技巧, 还有考试中的一些考点。


This week, my sister successfully passed the G2 test once, and successfully obtained the G2 driver's license. We are all very happy, because my sister can finally drive alone. Of course, this can also reduce the burden on uncle, and help him drive when he goes out. When my sister was practicing with the coach, my uncle let me stay with my sister all the time. During this process, I also learned a lot, such as some skills of parallel parking, three-point U-turn and parking in the garage, as well as some test points in the exam. .

Through this experience, I realized that the process of driving is not only a process of learning how to drive, but also a process of building confidence. My sister gradually became proficient and confident from being uncertain and nervous at the beginning, and finally successfully obtained her driver's license. It turns out that with hard work, belief in yourself and persistence, anything that seems difficult can be overcome. Finally, I hope I can also get a good result in the future G2 exam.

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