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孤独的美 The Beauty of Lonely


People often use the word "loneliness" to describe inner loneliness, seeking to be understood and sympathized with. But the essence of loneliness has been ignored by many people. Loneliness is an independent moment when a person goes deep into himself and explores his heart. When we are outside the group, we can observe ourselves more truly, examine our feelings and reactions more clearly, instead of being distracted by trivialities and distractions. We can seriously think about what we are thinking and what we are pursuing. Solitude allows us to face our vulnerabilities while also allowing us to discover our resilience, and in the process of self-reflection, we grow. We all need solitude, those quiet moments, those moments of talking to ourselves. This is not to say that we should refuse to socialize, or avoid other people. On the contrary, only when we reflect and improve ourselves can we communicate with others more deeply, and be able to think and understand problems from the perspective of others. Solitude is a precious experience and a profound, unique beauty. We should learn to accept loneliness, appreciate and enjoy it, and let it help us grow better.

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