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子滕的十七岁生日Tom's seventeenth birthday






Tom's seventeenth birthday

The heavy snowfall last week covered the earth with a layer of white this week, like wearing a thick white down jacket. When going out in the morning, people on the road were wrapped in warm cotton clothes. Most people began to clear the snow in front of their doors, and snow plows of all sizes were also working hard on the road.

Although the early cold has passed and the harsh winter has arrived, you can still see the wild geese flying together from time to time over the roof. Foraging squirrels and nervous rabbits would emerge from the woods from time to time, looking around as if to say: "Where are we going to find today's food?". The ancients said: If you love a mouse, you will always leave food, but if you pity a moth, you will not light a lamp. I don’t know how many kind-hearted people will send some warmth to these little animals this winter, even though this warmth does not require any cost.

After winter time, the sunset time is fixed at 4-5 o'clock. When the lights get brighter, night falls, and the roads are deserted, snow comes. This time the snow came very quietly and softly. It was not as menacing as yesterday's heavy snowfall, but it fell lightly and disappeared quietly, causing no inconvenience to anyone. The falling snow under the street lamp is particularly beautiful. Each snowflake is given a golden luster and falls gently like the feathers of an angel in the movie. It is like a gift specially sent by God to people, sending warm blessings to them. .

At the same time, this Monday is also Tom’s seventeenth birthday. We also held a small birthday party for him in the evening. Although it was not grand, it was warm and warm. Tom has also continued to improve in the past year, and the level of the pieces he plays is getting higher and higher, and he is more stable and emotional. It has also solved many difficult technical problems for us in terms of networks and computers. It can be said that Tom with his uncle has gradually become a young man who can stand alone and has a happy future. And with uncle, each of us will shine in different fields like Tom, and we can all become the happiest people in the world under uncle's guidance.

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