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Temperature suddenly dropped like roller coaster to minus twenty degrees. When we got out, soon we found each of our brows hang little ice beads. We only saw this scene in movies, so finding it interesting. Brother Hank’s telephone also came into the same trouble. From the start, there was some water on his phone, but later, they turned to ice. Though the air was a little cold, but also refreshing as well,making us quite refreshed.


Unconsciously, new year has passed; today is also Tom’s birthday. He was only ten when he came, eighteen kilograms, around one point four meters; but is fifteen now, sixty kilograms, around one point eight meter high, even surpassing mountain and me. To be honest, though thinking him cute when I came, I soon found him annoying, arrogant and self-conscious, same as myself of that time. But now, most of the time, we could group together, to do a job or to have a conversation; even, his brilliant brain produced us much help, making us really impressive. His story is too much, so it’s hard to tell all of it vividly, for example, he used to eat a meal for two hours, which now often requires from him the same time as us, some times as little as five minutes. There is no doubt, that under uncle’s careful teaching, he is walking towards his bright future step by step. Our birthdays are close, so in the new year, improve together!

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