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Two very different mindsets, one is jealousy, the other is empathy. Jealous people see the happiness of others, their hearts swell with loss and dissatisfaction, they can not stand the happiness of others, and even hope that others can not have a happy day. People who have empathy, who see others as happy as themselves, who see others as hurt, who are able to empathize with others, share joy and pain, such people live a particularly happy life every day.

Jealous people They see the success and happiness of others as their own failures and are filled with jealousy and dissatisfaction. So that they can not truly experience the beauty and joy of life. In contrast, empathetic people put themselves in the other person's shoes to feel and understand. They care for the lives of others with care and understanding, sharing joy and sorrow with others, such people live fully and happily.

Uncle taught us boys must be a man like a gentleman, the heart is bright, see people as happy as their own, the heart can not have bad ideas.

It is very shameful to think back on my thoughts, and most of them are very selfish. Under the education of my uncle, I can now see my bad thoughts, so I can't cover up such bad thoughts. I should make my heart brighter and replace all those bad thoughts.

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