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威哥的生日Arthur's birthday


This Wednesday we celebrated Arthur's 20th birthday, and so many years have passed in the blink of an eye. Whenever this happens, we will recall the scene when we first came to our uncle's place. Looking at what we were like when we first arrived, and looking at what we are like now, I can’t help but have mixed feelings. Each of us had many problems when we first came to Uncle, whether it was physical, psychological, learning or behavioral. These were things that we were unable to discover and change on our own. And now we have a complete change in each of our uncles. From being extremely unhealthy physically and mentally to being positive and sunny now. Arthur also shows strong self-control, sense of responsibility and kindness in everything he does. These are all given to us by our uncle, and these changes can only occur after we receive a truly good education from our uncle. We will keep these things in our hearts and never forget how lucky we are

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