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The books shipped from China arrived. We brought back a box a few weeks ago. When we opened it, it was full of memories. I remember that when we were in China, everyone was happily reading their favorite books during the school hours. , I can finish reading a very thick storybook in two days. When we looked back at the books that were shipped by sea, we found that there were only about one box of the ten boxes of books that we had not read. Uncle cultivated us to have an interest in reading, and also allowed us to read a lot of books. I think the biggest gain from my uncle at the beginning is being able to really calm down and read a book seriously. Although it seems like a simple thing, in fact, very few children can do it now.


When I was eleven or twelve years old, when I ate the food made by my uncle, I was thinking, "Why does my uncle cook so deliciously?" Looking back on 2021, my uncle cooked us a lot of delicious meals: stewed pork with sauerkraut, Raw meatball soup, braised pork, steak, lion head... Many dishes that can only be eaten in restaurants have been made by uncles for us, and I think they are better than those made in restaurants. My uncle told us that cooking is actually very simple, only the word "heart". In fact, it’s not how difficult it is to cook the food, but whether the cook is careful or not, and have you thought about how to cook it? It’s because my uncle cooks for us with all his heart, so we never get tired of his uncle’s cooking. Here are the meals that all our students should thank Uncle. There is an old saying in China: There is no difficulty in the world, only those who have a heart. In fact, the success of many things is as uncle said to do it with heart, like learning, writing, English, as long as you can pay attention and focus, everything can be solved easily. The knowledge that uncle taught us is actually as long as you can always be careful. Remember, mastery, everyone can do very well in anything in life.

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