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好书推荐:礼物 Book Recommendation: The Present


当我们全神贯注于当下并欣赏它的细节时,我们就不会为过去的错误感到遗憾,也更不会为未来感到焦虑。同时,又因为我们专注的完成当下的每一件事,我们就更容易取得成功。当然,活在当下并不是要我们与过去和未来切断关系,而是减少无意识地被过去与未来带离当下的情况。 但很多时候,我们会发现很难活在当下。当事情都进展的顺利时,活在当下可能还比较容易,可事情发展的不如意时,活在当下就变的很难。


Deep in our hearts, in fact, many of us feel that we have no imagination: I feel that we are trapped in the life we don't want; we regret and be ashamed of the mistakes we made in the past, and we can't let go of them; we are worried about In the future, it is crushed by all the anxiety brought by it ... such an idea forms a vicious circle. We spend the day of regret and confusion about the past and in the future, but Dr. Spencer Johnson "The book tells us how to avoid this vicious circle, that is to live in the present.

When we focus on the details of the present and appreciate it, we will not regret the mistakes of the past, and we will not feel anxious about the future. At the same time, because we focus on completing everything in the present, we are more likely to succeed. Of course, living in the present is not to cut off relationships with the past and the future, but to reduce the situation of unconsciously being taken away from the past and the future. But many times, we will find it difficult to live in the present. When everything goes smoothly, it may be easier to live in the moment, but when things are unwilling to develop, it is difficult to live in the present.

According to the author, all situations are divided into good or bad, and we will feel happy and unhappy. If we feel very happy at this moment, then we must grasp this moment, let us be happier and more efficient at this moment; if we do not enjoy this moment, we want to make it better than the past, we should examine what happened in the past what happened in the past. To learn from experience and lessons; when we want to make the future better than now, we should imagine a beautiful future, formulate a practical plan, and now start creating the future!

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