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好与坏 Good or Bad




In our lives, people often use "good guys" and "bad guys" to describe others. We seem to be accustomed to simply dividing people into these two categories, but this way of dividing ignores the complexity of human nature.

Sometimes, a person is defined as a "good person" because he or she exhibits acts of kindness, generosity, or kindness. But that doesn't mean everything he does is right or truly moral. Likewise, a person viewed as a "bad guy" may perform surprising acts of kindness that are often overlooked or considered exceptional. In fact, people's behavior is often affected by many factors, including personal background, environment, situation, emotional state, etc. Sometimes, even the kindest people can do disappointing things when faced with certain pressures or challenges. And those people who are considered "bad guys" by society may also show the brilliance of humanity at certain moments.

Therefore, we need to have the ability to judge right from wrong and have a deeper understanding of their motivations, backgrounds and the real intentions behind their actions. You cannot judge whether a person is good or bad based solely on his superficial behavior or the opinions of others.

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