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太阳雨 Sunshower


One night in the middle of the week, when we were studying, we suddenly saw dark clouds passing by outside the window, and even the room became dark in an instant. Then the rain poured down, bean-sized raindrops beating on the windows. The shower came and went quickly. Just as I was wondering when the rain would end, the sun dispelled the dense dark clouds, and the golden afterglow of the setting sun was printed on the wall through the window. But the rain didn't stop, and the falling raindrops reflected bright lights and shadows in the air-this was a rain of the sun. Looking out of the window after a while, each window presents a different scene, the one in the east shows the blue of the dark night, while the pink afterglow of the setting sun dyes the sky in the west. The trees in the distance are swaying in the wind, and the raindrops reflect brilliant brilliance, everything is so beautiful.

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