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In the blink of an eye, it’s March again, and a quarter of the new year is almost over. I have to say that the weather in Toronto this year is really “unpredictable”. Yesterday was still as warm as spring, and when the evening breeze blew through the window and blew on my face, I always sighed: "Spring is here!" Well, the next day, winter came out to refute the rumor: "I haven't left yet!" The temperature dropped sharply to minus degrees Celsius, the biting cold wind and heavy snow fell, as if yesterday's warmth came from another time and space. It’s unclear whether spring has really arrived, but winter is certainly drawing to a close. These days I hear the migrating geese again. Although the grass and trees in the yard are still withered and yellow, it is not difficult to feel that everything is gathering strength and preparing to grow vigorously in the coming spring.

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