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上周,当我们出去喂鹅时,我们看到了一堆鹅毛,所以为了好玩,我们把它带回家洗了洗,但是在那之后,我们不知道该怎么办,所以他们 忘记了几天。 但是雯姐有一个很好的主意,就是把它们做成扇子,所以在我休息的时候,我就把羽毛缝在了一起 做扇子。 我还没有完成扇子,但是我快完成了。

Last week, while we were out feeding the geese, we saw a bunch of goose feathers, so for fun we took it home and washed them, but after that, we had no idea what we were going to do about them, so they were forgotten for a few days. But then sister Wen had a great idea of making them into a fan, so during my break time, I would sew the feathers together to make the fan. I have not finished making the fan yet, but I’m almost done.

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