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Remember the last time it snowed more than a month ago, when the snow was heavy, the snow behind the glass door to the backyard was above the knees, which may be a nuisance for many people Because the backyard is not as frequent as the front door, but it can’t be said to be useless. After all, it is a good choice to get some fresh air in the afternoon, but if you spend a lot of time because of these reasons Going to clean up that nearly one meter of snow, how to say um... I don't think it's too cost-effective, so we boys used our rich imagination (there are also some lazy elements in it), and dug a strip outside the door that can be used for people. Walking the trails, then a large bottle of drinks and fruit at the "handrails" on both sides of the trail during the rest time on Saturdays and Sundays, after an hour of freezing in our homemade natural freezer "refrigerator", we got a delicious smoothie And fruit that tastes like a popsicle. Although the Canadian winter is the coldest winter we all have experienced, we should also feel the beauty that winter brings to us, those gifts from nature.


The new year coming and the beginning of the new semester, the learning tasks have become heavier. The six-hour online class every day makes everyone immersed in the atmosphere of serious study, sometimes lying in bed at night, recalling the whole day of study , try to understand the content of the teacher's lectures, and feel that learning is really a thing that requires serious and hard work. At the same time, I think students of the same age like us in China. Although they seem to have more classes than us, they still do mountains of homework every day. It seems that the final result of their hard work is just a machine that can write homework. , once all the efforts enter the society, it is found that nothing is used, and everything needs to be restarted. And here we are, despite having the same busy homework and tasks, we can still do it every day, exercising as yesterday, reading as usual, meditating as usual, communicating with each other, practicing calligraphy and playing the piano every day, and eating what our uncle made for us. Steak, dumplings. Thinking of this, I feel a little warmth in my heart...

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