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大盘鸡 Big Pan Chicken


When my uncle is cooking dinner, he will watch videos to learn how to cook from the chef, so the dishes we eat are always rich in taste, very similar to the multi-layered flavors in restaurants. One day, when my uncle was cooking, the phone automatically started playing the next video: How to make Korean fried chicken. So my uncle said happily, he will cook Xinjiang Dapan Chicken for us tomorrow. The uncle said, let Mingming eat the dishes made by his uncle a few times before leaving. When he goes to the United States, he will have to spend a lot of money, tens of dollars, to eat Chinese food. After hearing what my uncle said, I was very happy, and at the same time, I felt that the food here was really good. The meals are not heavy every day, and the combination of meat and vegetables, especially the boiled pork slices made by my uncle, is really delicious. As we ate, we had heated discussions about how much this dish would cost in restaurants. "Fifty-eight." "And the meat is much less than what uncle gave." At uncle's place, we can eat as much as we want, lamb, pork belly, beef, chicken drumsticks, ribs... When uncle cooks, he will check the prepared dishes The amount is based on how much the children are full. We eat noodles at noon and rice at night. Sometimes everyone wants to eat steamed buns. Uncle also makes cured pork, steamed pork with flour, and beef with sauce. Let us eat steamed buns. Life is really happy!

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