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Because the application decision of OSU is going to be available on 13th, I thought the first feedback of any university I had applied would still take some time, but it came out a few days ago, though it was from UMN. UMN has no exact admission decision date, only saying that the application decision will be out by Jan. 30th, so I didn’t have not it in mind, which made its offer far more surprising to me. Hope the luck will last!


Suddenly, many school clothes were found, so uncle gave each of us one. The school clothes are baggy white T-shirts, with the letters Cambridge Academy written in the front. To be hon est, I think they look good. Though they are simple, look spiritual on people. This reminds me of one interesting sentence on a book I read. It says that more and more people tend to paint all kinds of pictures and words on their clothes to show their independence, but the thing is, if everyone does this same thing, there is no independence indeed at all.

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