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From audio slowly flowing out “Amore” and “The Rain of Summer”(A Chinese song that actually doesn’t have an English name), I finally decided to write something about music. However, I am afraid it is difficult to express all the things in a short time. So in the end, I don’t know which things to pick specifically for telling, and the only word that comes to me is Beauty, following which is my long memory. I don’t want to give some judgement, for, to be honest, though for a long time, I have stopped listening to pop songs, which are mostly about love, but actually often lack of it, I can’t fall in love with symphonies or classical music; the music pieces I love are sometimes written by famous composers like Ryuchi Sakamoto, but many of them are still written by composers who, only by music, may not be able to live a prosperous material life. But the thing is that I often lose my sense before the beauty they compose, thinking money matters not, thinking nothing is better than this way of living. Shen Congwen once said to Wang Zengqi: you have a pen, what you fear? He, of course, didn’t lose sense for he had really been poor. The reason I say I do is that I have not been through it, yet I dare to talk big as such. But no matter what, this is it, what I am thinking now in my heart with its heat.


Because uncle wanted us to improve more quickly, we began speaking English everyday. From the start, I felt it quite awkward since though I had learned English for a long time, I didn’t speak English in extracurricular time. But how could I go to University like this, for I couldn’t do nothing but attending classes. So, I began speaking more and more. Then, I found that everybody was alike. Though they also spoke not much from the start, but began speaking more and more after a while. Maybe they were also thinking to improve more quickly.

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