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Recently, I found that everyone is reading. During the break, I can often hear someone say "this book is so beautiful". Contrasting myself, I found that I don't like the habit of reading. Uncle also discovered this problem through the short answer questions I answered in college. The definition of "civilization" in writing is not accurate. Civilization covers a wide range, including culture, tradition, and transportation such as horse-drawn carriages. The Confucianism I write about below belongs to "culture", not civilization.

After listening to what uncle said, I found that I know too little knowledge. I must read more, just like what uncle said: "The more ignorant a person is, the more conceited he is." The more books you read, the richer your knowledge is, the more you will find that compared with the knowledge in the entire human knowledge treasure house, compared with the knowledge contained in the vast universe, you know too little, and you will realize your insignificance. Gradually, as the amount of reading increases, a more correct self and perception of the outside world will gradually form.

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