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多动脑子,少动手More brains, less hands


More brains, less hands

Uncle told us that we must use our brains more and less hands when doing things. In many cases, when doing things, we should first use our brains to think, figure out the purpose of doing things, and then use the fastest and most efficient method to do things well. At the same time, we are also exercising our thinking ability and ability to do things. As in the previous state, if you encounter something and do it blindly without using your brain, one is that the purpose will go astray. Because it is easy to fall into the state of following one's own preferences, so in the end not only complicate simple things, but even backfire. In the process of doing things, I have a lot of bad psychology, but I still think that I am good, and I am doing things very hard. This state is very bad. Gradually at Uncle's place, as Uncle constantly reminds us to discover and get rid of these mentalities, gradually we can straighten out our purpose and improve efficiency when doing things. In order to prevent these psychology from being turned out inadvertently, one has to constantly reflect on it. Before you do anything, you have to figure out what your purpose is. In this process, if you really do something for the sake of doing things well, then this thing will definitely be done well; if it is to show yourself or satisfy your own self-interest, then this thing will definitely not be as expected. do well.

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