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夏洛的网 Charlotte's Web



"Charlotte's Web" tells the story of the sincere friendship between a spider and a pig. Wilbur the pig is a stray pig who was saved by the farmer's daughter when he was about to be killed. Wilbur's life in the barn was very comfortable, but after a long time he felt very lonely, because other animals didn't want to be friends with him. There is only one spider, Charlotte, who has been observing it. She thinks Wilbur is very interesting, and she likes Wilbur very much, so they become friends. When the group of small animals lived happily, a terrible news broke the peace of the barn: Wilbur's future destiny was to become bacon and ham! Be one pig , Wilbur who is extremely grieved as if being able to only accept the destiny allowing oneself to be trampled upon. However, the seemingly insignificant Charlotte said: "I will save you!" So Charlotte gathered all the animals around the barn and used her own silk to weave "online text" on the pigsty, which is regarded as a miracle by human beings. . Charlotte successively weaves four words: "Ace Pig", "Great", "Glorious" and "Humble", completely reversing Wilbur's fate. Finally, Wilbur won the special prize in the market competition and had a future to enjoy his destiny. But at this time, the life of the spider Charlotte has come to an end...

Before dying, Charlotte said to Wilbur: "...What is life? We are born, we live for a while, and we die. It is meaningless for a spider to spend his whole life catching and eating flies. , by helping you, maybe I can increase the value of my life a little. Everyone knows that we should do something meaningful in life." Even a weak spider, whose life is only a short summer, can change the fate of another life. Then we can live as human beings, and we should really be grateful, grateful to God for giving us this opportunity. We have to think and understand the meaning of life. Being willing to help others; giving without asking for anything in return; being more considerate of others when getting along with others... We are all familiar with these principles, but it is not easy to actually do it. All lives in this world are equally precious, and emotions are also interlinked, no matter what kind of life they are. As Charlotte said, we should try our best to do meaningful things to increase the value of life.

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