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夏夜中的萤火虫Fireflies in summer night






Fireflies in summer night

The past few days, the weather was very hot. I have heard that fireflies can appear in hot and dark places. Standing at the door that night, I saw faint yellow lights flickering in the night sky like stars. At first, I thought it was the light from the house, but after careful observation, I found that those dots of yellow light did not come from the house, but floated in the air and danced leisurely. What surprised me even more was that some yellow light flew very close to me and almost stopped on my shoulder.

That was the first time I saw fireflies. They shine brightly in the dark, bringing a mysterious and wonderful sight to summer nights. Perhaps, they also sensed my existence, and couldn't help but fly closer to me, as if they wanted to communicate with me.

I am so grateful that they came to me and let me witness these beautiful fireflies. They illuminate the dark night sky with their own light, adding a charming brilliance to this summer night.

Thank you, dear fireflies, for coming and surprising me.

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