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堕落 Depravation




We ran into a topic this week in class: do you think putting age limits on things like drinking and smoking just makes teens more likely to want to do it?

Regarding this question, I think we should look at it dialectically. These restrictions do restrict some people, but at the same time, they also make some people more interested. We set these constraints to let children know that it is wrong to do so, but this does not mean that they will fully abide by the discipline.

At the same time we should also think about different eras, like: For today's society, I agree that these restrictions make teenagers more willing to do this. Because in today's society, there are fewer and fewer people who believe in God and God, and now many parents no longer believe in God, so of course their children will not believe in God either. Without the restriction of belief, human nature will be infinitely magnified. Parents have not set an example, even if they teach their children not to smoke or drink, but the children will only have more doubts: You have not done it, why ask me to do it? In addition, the education children receive also determines what they will do. In fact, if children have received a really good education, they will not even have such "rebellious" thoughts or behaviors. Before I came to uncle, I attended an international school. The students there are basically from very wealthy families. They can do whatever they want and buy whatever they want. They will compare clothes, shoes, mobile phones and other items with each other. At first I didn't quite understand their behavior, but after a long time, I found that I began to care about the brand of clothes, the price of items, etc. like them. So what I want to say is that in a big environment, even a good child will quickly turn bad, because these things we should not do are in line with human nature, and these things can satisfy people's various desires, so When we are being a good child, we are overcoming these bad human natures. In that school, many pupils would smoke and drink. They don't know it at first, but they will compare, they will think it is "cool" not to follow the rules, and it can be a kind of bragging rights. For older children, it is puppy love and other behaviors. These are their capital to show off. Children who don't know how to smoke, drink or have puppy love will be looked down upon by them, so those children will also be forced to smoke, drink, and have puppy love, and eventually they will become habits.

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