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坦诚相待 Be Honest and Open


In today's society, almost everyone is reluctant to express their true feelings, especially when they are with others. For example, when I was in school, in order to get along "peacefully" with my classmates, I would not express my true inner feelings anyway, because I was afraid that no one would play with me if I expressed my opinions. up. And this kind of phenomenon is very common today, almost everyone, especially today's children, will develop this hypocritical habit of dealing with people in school since childhood. People also often choose to remain silent for fear of conflict with others or of being isolated, and pressure from society and others can also make people fearful of expressing their opinions. In this environment, flattery and catering to others became a common way of communicating. Whether in school, the workplace, or in social circles, people are afraid to express their true thoughts in order to maintain a superficial harmony and friendliness. Because you can't express your thoughts openly and make suggestions to others, you can only come up with some "shady tricks" secretly to revenge others secretly. But here at Uncle, we are absolutely not allowed to use such thinking and habits to deal with others, because doing so will only make our hearts narrower and darker. Uncle taught us to be honest with others, and to speak out what we think. Instead of wallowing in dark thinking and vengeance behind the scenes, choose to face problems and resolve them with a positive mindset. Expressing one's own thoughts frankly does not mean disrespecting others' opinions, so that while our own hearts are getting brighter and brighter, everyone can make progress together.

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