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Recently I started to help uncle with some work matters. There are also some problems and mistakes in this process, such as sometimes I didn't fully understand the essence of the task, so I didn't take the correct method to solve the problem; sometimes I missed some important information because I didn't check the final content carefully; Sometimes it's because of my own psychological problems that make things difficult...The mistakes made me very frustrated, but at the same time I learned a lot.

The first is to be honest at all times. Sometimes I didn’t finish my work well, and because I was too afraid to tell uncle the truth, I would beautify my work situation or tell the truth, but this would not bring me any benefits, on the contrary, I would lose myself credibility. Although sometimes we don't do this to lie, we may even have good intentions and just don't want to disappoint the other party. But if things like this accumulate too much, it will create a bad impression on others. I've learned that even when there's a lot of pressure, I have to admit my mistakes and find the best way to solve the problem, rather than simply trying to cover up or glorify the problem. Doing so not only helps us avoid more serious consequences, but also builds our own credibility.

Secondly, I also noticed the importance of emotional management and mentality when doing things. Because I didn't really take these jobs as my own, I felt that I was just doing things for uncle, so I felt complaining. These mentalities made me unable to concentrate on work, and even fell into negative emotions. Uncle noticed my negative emotions and explained a lot of truths to me, reminding me that while doing these jobs, I was also accumulating work experience for myself. Only when we really regard the work as our own, can we actively think about efficient solutions, so as to complete the work better.

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