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圣诞节 Christmas


White Christmas is called the perfect Christmas by Canadians. When Christmas comes, Christmas music echoes in the air, colorful lights flash in front of the windows, and the lively festive atmosphere is even more warm in the pure white and tranquil world of ice and snow. But this year, white snow did not come to Toronto on Christmas Day. Instead, there was drizzle. Perhaps Santa Claus also wanted to add a little whiteness to the world on Christmas Day as much as possible, but the temperature was not strong enough. However, it was foggy and white from Christmas Eve night to the next day. Maybe this is another way of expressing white Christmas! However, this did not affect the strong festive atmosphere at all. Just like during the Spring Festival, there are far fewer vehicles on the streets. Many people decorated their homes with colorful lights. On the way, we also saw a Christmas tree wrapped with golden lights, at least three meters high, and a huge inflatable Santa Claus. In this festival of reunion, everyone stays at home with their families, chatting, eating, opening gifts, and watching Christmas movies. Joy and happiness surround kind-hearted people.

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