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圣诞老人的故事 The Story Of Santa Claus





We all know that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, but how did Santa Claus, with his white hair and red robe, become an integral part of this holiday?

The story of Santa Claus was originally based on Bishop Saint Nicholas, who lived in a small Turkish village in 280 BC. In the Christian Church, Saint Nicholas is depicted wearing the ceremonial robes of a bishop - red with white trim. The color combination of this costume later became the prototype of the Santa Claus costume we know well.

Saint Nicholas is widely praised for his deep concern for the poor and generous acts of kindness. He often quietly gave gifts and money to poor families in the village, thus winning people's love. Among them, the most famous story takes place in the fourth century and tells how he helped three poor girls. These three girls were unable to marry their sweethearts because their families did not have enough dowries. On a cold winter night, Saint Nicholas secretly came to their house and dropped gold coins through the chimney into the socks they were drying to help them out of trouble. This act not only saved the future of these three girls, but also became the origin of the Christmas tradition of "Santa Claus putting gifts in socks".

His story and acts of kindness spread throughout Europe, and St. Nicholas' fame grew. Over time, his image gradually evolved into the Santa Claus we are familiar with today - a kind old man with white hair and a red robe, who drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer on Christmas night every year. Sending warmth and gifts to children around the world.

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