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圣人与凡夫 Saints and Mortals




There are all kinds of troublesome things in this world, but a saint can transcend the world and not be troubled by external affairs. Sages and ordinary people are born in the same world. But why can he become a beautiful jade, but we are reduced to rubble? The difference is that ordinary people are called ordinary people because they cannot let go of their paranoia. Ordinary people will always be entangled in some trivial things, worrying about a little gain or loss. They fanatically pursue power, wealth and fame, but ignore the real needs in their hearts.

The reason why saints become saints is that they transcend the shackles of human desires and pursue inner peace and freedom. They have learned to let go, give up their attachment to external material, give up caring about others' judgment, but focus on their inner improvement and the pursuit of true wisdom. They know how to cherish every moment of the moment, be kind to all things in the world and live in harmony with them.

Of course, reaching the state of a sage is not achieved overnight, it is a long-term process that requires us to constantly reflect on ourselves and improve our ideological realm. Only when we deeply realize the impermanence of life and understand that what we are pursuing is just vanity, can we reach the realm of saints.

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