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Recently, the climate has become particularly pleasant, making it very suitable for outdoor sports. We found a new basketball court in a nearby community. The court here is not large and is particularly suitable for playing full-court basketball. It happens that there are many people playing here on weekend afternoons, so we can form a team to play games again. When I played in a team in the past, I always struggled to get the ball and attack. As a result, I often ended up running around the whole court without any credit or hard work. But when I played this game, I wanted to try a different approach, that is, instead of rushing to charge, I stayed in the infield to defend and pass the ball to the main players. Sure enough, I blocked one or two balls at some critical moments. . Although we still didn't win this game because we were one or two points behind, we still had a lot of fun playing. Different from the past blind charging, I experienced the importance of teamwork in this competition. If you work harder next time, you will definitely be able to have fun and win completely.

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