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回归自然 Back to nature



Last Saturday, taking advantage of the clear weather, we cycled around the park for a while. There are many interesting recreational facilities in the park. We had a great time and took many photos. The oncoming wind on the road is refreshing and comfortable; the grass and trees have sprouted, and some trees even show signs of blooming. All in all, the fun in nature cannot be described in words. Looking back, before I came to uncle's place, playing with my mobile phone while blowing on the air conditioner at home was the most common thing I did. Even though I sometimes hang out with family and friends, there is very little communication because everyone is looking at their phones. Everyone is attracted by short videos and various software on mobile phones. They are like a huge black hole, sucking everyone in. The happiness brought by mobile phones is very short-lived. After people laugh because of a certain video or content, the last thing left is emptiness.

The beauty of nature is incomparable, and we can still recall those funny things afterward. And those missed days of singing birds and flowers are worth regretting. In this age of Internet development, we should make proper use of the convenience it brings, instead of being immersed in the virtual world and losing ourselves.

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