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四月的雨吹来来五月的花April showers bring May flowers



客观来说,加拿大的四月是雨季,植物也因此比平时慢了些生长,迟了些开花。周内上课时英语老师教了这样一句谚语:"April showers bring May flowers.",四月的雨带来五月的花。五月的加拿大,终于迎来了春天的真正到来。整个城市在绿树、鲜花的衬托下变得更加生动,充满了活力。路边的枫树逐渐长出了嫩绿的叶子,小草也长得更旺了,散步在街道上,沐浴在温暖的阳光下,仿佛所有的烦恼都在瞬间消散了。黄色的蒲公英花海盛开在草地上,细嫩的花瓣在阳光下显得格外娇嫩,已然成为这个时节最耀眼的一道风景线。在不知名的树上,开满了一朵朵小而白的花,它们缀满了枝头,在平凡的生活,平凡的街道上,演绎着并不平凡的生机与美丽。



The rain in April brings the flowers of May

In the blink of an eye, it’s May, and everything seems a little unrealistic. The big trees that germinated in March and April in the past are only now able to grow green leaves, and the yellow dandelion flowers are almost a month later than previous years. It seems that the four seasons of nature have not kept up with the accelerated time, but walking on the streets in May and facing the vibrant environment also gave me a new feeling for life.

Objectively speaking, April in Canada is the rainy season, so plants grow slower than usual and bloom later. During the week, the English teacher taught such a proverb: "April showers bring May flowers." The rain in April brings May flowers. Canada in May finally ushered in the real arrival of spring. Against the background of green trees and flowers, the whole city becomes more vivid and full of vitality. The maple trees on the side of the road gradually grew green leaves, and the grass grew more vigorously. Walking on the street, bathed in the warm sunshine, it seemed that all the troubles disappeared in an instant. The sea of yellow dandelion flowers blooms on the grass, and the delicate petals look extraordinarily delicate in the sun, which has become the most dazzling scenery in this season. On the unknown tree, there are small and white flowers blooming, and they are all covered with branches. In ordinary life and ordinary streets, they show extraordinary vitality and beauty.

Although this year's spring is slower than in previous years, the belated beauty has finally arrived. This gives us a very important revelation, that is, the good things in life will always come, but sometimes you need to wait. In the process of waiting, we need to make continuous efforts and progress, and at the same time learn to appreciate, learn to wait, and finally welcome the beautiful arrival in life.

May is a wonderful season. Now, the environment is full of vitality, and the rain brings vitality to people. For myself, I'll also enjoy the last two weeks of my pre-adult years before stepping into adulthood. At the same time, although many things are still being worked hard and improved, just like Canada in May, after the rainy season, there must be sunny days. So let us also welcome the beauty in life with anticipation and gratitude.

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