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喜欢玩雪的狗狗Dogs who like to play in the snow





Dogs who like to play in the snow

Toronto received its first heavy snowfall a few days ago, which started the night before. The next morning, the ground outside the house was completely covered with a huge white quilt.

At this time, our school dog (Smelly Bao) always seems particularly excited and happy. Stinky Bao has a special love for snow. It will dig into the snow with its nose and sniff it, as if it is looking for some precious treasure. Sometimes, it would take a lick of snow and taste the snow curiously. But what excites Stinky Bao the most is jumping happily in the snow.

After taking the baby out in the morning, as expected, it rolled in the snow again, as if it wanted to fully integrate itself into the snow to be satisfied. The happy look of the baby in the snow was so real and pure. After returning home, it would keep wagging its tail beside us, seeming to tell us that we wanted to go out and play for a while longer. Stinky Bao's innocence and enthusiasm always make us feel warm and happy.

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