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善良 Kindness





We all know that kindness is a good quality, but everyone's understanding of kindness is different.

For example, in uncle's case, being a kind person means that we should consider others and always be honest and upright. No matter what the ultimate purpose is, we must not lie.

But in the eyes of many people in today's society, such a standard of conduct is considered a fool. For them, as long as they haven't done anything really bad, such as killing someone or committing a serious crime, it doesn't matter if they tell lies or take shortcuts in order to make money or achieve their goals. These people believe that to survive in today's world, you must learn to be "smart" and "flexible."

I have nothing good to say about what these people think. The children here may not be as "smart" or "flexible" as people outside, but we retain the purity and integrity in our hearts. Uncle taught us how to be a truly conscience-worthy person in this complicated world. This kind of education is the real education. It allows us to stick to the innocence and kindness in our hearts and walk a bright road no matter how many challenges and temptations we encounter.

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