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In today's society, the word "kindness" seems to be gradually losing its original luster. Kindness was originally synonymous with various virtues, but now kindness has become full of "controversies and contradictions." Not long ago, I searched “how to be kind” on the Internet in Chinese. But surprisingly, most of the results I got revolved around topics such as "the disadvantages of being kind" and "how to make yourself less kind". And most of the answers received by those who ask how to make themselves kind are "Don't make yourself too kind. Only by being selfish can you live a better life" and so on.

Since ancient times, we have always been taught to be kind to others, to be generous, and to be open-minded, but now people think that being kind is asking for trouble, and even advise others not to be too kind. To some extent, perhaps they are right: kind people are vulnerable to exploitation and harm, and their trust and kindness to others can be seen as weaknesses and exploited. And this situation has accelerated the decline of social atmosphere. Kind-hearted people have been hurt and lost confidence, causing more people to give up on kindness and think that kindness is useless to themselves...

But can this emphasis on self-preservation and pursuit of interests really make us better off? Kindness is originally the cornerstone of our society, allowing people to discipline themselves and maintain social order. So if there is no kindness in our world and everyone is extremely selfish, what will this society look like? Undoubtedly, it will be a place full of contradictions and wars. There is only an exchange of interests between people, but no real emotions and trust. Kindness is the power that truly makes people happy. When our hearts are full of light and kindness, we will have a positive attitude towards everything. While helping others, we also enrich our own hearts. Maybe kindness may temporarily make us face some difficulties and challenges, but this does not mean that we should give up kindness or even pursue selfishness. Instead, we should strive to find a way to protect ourselves while still maintaining the goodness within. And I believe that as long as we are willing to stick to goodness, God will not let us fall into darkness.

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