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善待身边的事物,身边的事物也会善待你Be kind to the things around you, and they will be kind to you





Be kind to the things around you, and the things around you will be kind to you.

After getting up in the morning, we often do morning exercises outside the room. Sometimes mosquitoes will bite on the body and suck blood. In the past, I used to wave them away with my hands, feeling impatient in my heart.

Uncle taught us: Mosquitoes suck their own blood, we should have a kind heart, communicate with them, explain the truth to them, and tell them that such behavior is wrong. If we treat mosquitoes with kindness, they will stop biting us. Even if the mosquito bites us again, we should tolerate it. For us, it's just a little itchy, but for mosquitoes, how many good meals can they enjoy in a lifetime? True kindness is to have a bright and compassionate heart when seeing everything, whether it is a person, an animal or a plant.

When the mosquito bites me again, I no longer feel impatient, but think of my uncle's teachings. Miraculously, the mosquitoes never bit me again. Not only that, but I found that the animals and plants around me were also friendly to me. All things have spirits, and as long as we treat them well, they will treat us well.

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