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The happiness of feeding little animals

Because there is always a lot of little animals coming into our backyard, Uncle, with a compassionate heart, bought a lot of peanuts and bird food. In the morning, we will go outside into our backyard to feed the animals that come here, everyday there are a few squirrels and lots of different birds, and sometimes even there will be bunnies, raccoons, and opossums... every time we see them not fighting over food, we are all very happy!




Video taping

These few weeks, our English teacher assigned homework to make a commercial encouraging exercise. The past few days around noon, we had went outside to videotape the scenes of our commercial. As the photographer side of myself, I think we did pretty good, but we still have room to improve, we hope next time we can do better. At first, we thought finding suitable music was going to be really hard, but we easily found two very suitable music. Finally last night we finished the commercial, and we were are all very happy and relived!

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