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In the past few weeks, I would pat Xiaoyubao every night before going to bed, and the agreement with Xiaoyubao gradually became a habit. One night before we went to bed, Xiao Yubao was lying on uncle's lap "guggugulu". Looking at its lazy appearance, I think Xiaoyubao will not be waiting in the basement tonight to be patted. Unexpectedly, after we said goodnight to uncle, we heard the sound of "Deng Deng Deng" coming downstairs as soon as our front feet reached the basement, and when we looked again, it was Xiao Yubao. It looked like a little girl jumping forward with cheerful steps. Rubbing the legs of the table against the chair and the carpet, the happy scene was staged again. Xiaoyubao can insist on going to the appointment, but how can I not count what I said?


This week, uncle took us to a sea of sunflowers. Before we set off, we put on beautiful clothes and prepared to freeze the good memories in front of this beautiful sea of flowers. Countless sunflowers are like smiling faces, and when facing them, both body and mind seem to be stretched. Gently picking up a bunch of flowers, I saw raw sunflower seeds. Each tiny sunflower seed has a fine layer of fluff. There are many tools that people can use to take pictures around the road. We took a lot of nice pictures especially on the observation deck. There is also a red harvester next to the road, "driving" the car, as if he really turned into a sunflower flower farmer. Looking at the photos saved in the camera, everyone laughed happily.

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