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Updated: May 2, 2022





Some people like spring when everything recovers, some like summer with scorching sun, and some like autumn with clear skies, but very few like winter, maybe because winter is so cold and lifeless, but if there is no winter , how can we experience the beauty of the other three seasons? Only after the test of the cold winter can we welcome the blooming spring.

We are always envious of others, their talents, and their success... Their lives are always full of hope like spring, but in fact, they have also been attacked by cold winters in corners that we don't know about. Life will not always be smooth sailing, we will inevitably encounter setbacks and experience pain, but it is these experiences that have trained us, made us, and made us qualified and able to embrace a beautiful spring.

I used to be like living in a bitter winter, full of anxiety, anxiety and confusion. Anxiety about heavy studies, uneasy about complicated people, confused about the misty future, not knowing where to go in life. Now I am full of expectations for the future. All these changes are because I came here. I understand that grades are not everything. There are still many things in life that we need to learn. It is impossible to bring true happiness; kindness is not hypocrisy, but a genuine consideration for others; a person's quality should not be seen on his surface, but his heart; lying may make you escape Punishment for a while, but the loss will be yourself...

Time flies, the seasons change, and the haze in the cold winter has become a thing of the past. But it is precisely because we have experienced a cold winter that we cherish this hard-won spring even more. Let's say goodbye to the past with a smile and embrace the bright future

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