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It is the constant law of nature that winter comes to spring, but winter in Canada is so inhumane. When you look out the window with anticipation, you are greeted by the cold wind, hazy sky and dry land. We look forward to spring, because she is so lovable and lovely, she awakens all things and brings hope to people.

Once upon a time, my heart was just as cold and hazy as the Canadian winter, but when I was desperate, it was he who brought me the hope of life.

I still remember that I was a typical scumbag at that time. I couldn't study anything, but I was proficient in everything about eating, drinking, and having fun. Going to school every day is just messing around. The teacher can't understand what the teacher is talking about, and the homework is copied by the classmates. I stay up every day after school, either with my classmates to play video games and sing K, or go home and stay up late to read novels. Anyway, I just live like this every day, although sometimes I feel that I can't change like this, but it's really too difficult. Every time I couldn’t hold on for a day or two, I was beaten back to the prototype, and after a few repetitions, I gave up the idea of ​​changing, but deep down in my heart I was still very painful and unwilling.

Time passed like this, and my spirit became worse and worse. Just when my heart was about to collapse completely, I was lucky to encounter the most precious thing in this world, a simple but not simple book. By reading this book I understand why people suffer, why we need to be good people, and what to do to have a better future. This book gave me a new lease of life, it taught me that I was not a hopeless scum, and it taught me that if you put in the effort, you can be who you want to be.

Time flies, seasons change, and the past will be slowly forgotten after all. But my dear teacher, I will always thank you, you are like a ray of warm sunshine that melted the winter in my heart and made me grow like a bud in the spring.

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