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君子与英雄 Junzi and Gentleman





In English class last week, the teacher asked us to use a paragraph to define "Hero" (hero). When I saw this question, I immediately thought of the Chinese "Junzi". I originally thought that a hero is similar to a Junzi, but when I wrote and thought, I found that they seem to be different, and even have a big difference of.

A hero is more like a universal concept. It is a person whose quality is higher than ordinary people and who has done things that others or society judge as "just". Junzi comes from Chinese Confucianism and is the highest ideal personality of Confucianism.

I think the biggest difference between them is that a Junzi can be a hero, but a hero is not necessarily a Junzi. Junzi are always Junzi because they have a constant state of personality. Proficient in the six arts, gentle and elegant, clean and self-conscious, but facing immoral things, he has the courage of "though there are thousands of people, I will go to it". These are self-cultivation that can only be cultivated through long-term practice. However, heroes do not always remain heroes, and their personality states are usually fleeting. For example, in times of crisis, a person bursts out with courage, a sense of justice, and the spirit of self-sacrifice... Junzi can naturally perform these heroic acts in the face of crisis, but ordinary people may also stimulate their potential to perform heroic acts.

Those who once performed heroic acts were heroes at that moment, but not necessarily later. But no matter what kind of environment a Junzi is in, they will act according to lofty morals and ideals.

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