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This Friday, uncle took us to see the sunflowers. When I got off the car, a vast field of sunflowers stood in the sun, golden and beautiful. There are wooden gazebos, straw stacks, swings and red tractors for taking pictures in the park. Some sunflowers have just bloomed, and there is a fragrance coming from the nostrils. Unexpectedly, under the blue sky and white clouds, on the most ordinary land, I could smell the aroma that I had only experienced in the flower shop. Some sunflower buds in the fruit tray are half open, while some flowers have already produced small fruits, which are the kind of thin small melon seeds. Distant mountains, sea of flowers, swings, as if everything needed for taking pictures is already available. Just waiting for the shutter to be pressed, the beautiful scenery can be permanently frozen and become a precious pearl in our memory.

每天早上,我们家的五只小猫都会来叫我们起床。暑假周一到周五是7点半,周六是8点。一次,周六早上7点多,我们听到有猫在地上跑来跑去,持之以恒地弄出声音来。我睁开睡意惺忪的双眼,看到旺仔在我们不远处。于是我对旺仔说“乖宝宝,今天是8点起。” 话一出口,没想到旺仔马上就不跑了。我再一看,旺仔已经跑得一喘一喘的了。叔叔说,猫是可以听懂人说的话的。但这种事情真正发生在我的身上,而且旺仔听到话马上不跑了的时候,我还是吃了一惊,没想到小猫听到话反应会这么快。而且叔叔也说过,动物其实有的地方比人强。确实,动物比人还负责任,旺仔为了叫我们起床跑得都喘了。叔叔也举过小咪为叔叔看手机的例子。叔叔告诉小咪,替叔叔看好手机。果真,谁来到手机这儿小咪都紧紧护着,只有叔叔来拿手机小咪才放松警惕,只有叔叔才能拿到。真佩服小猫们。我也要像它们学习,做一个有责任心的人,把叔叔交代的事情做好。

Every morning, our five kittens come to wake us up. Summer vacation is 7:30 from Monday to Friday and 8:00 on Saturday. Once, after 7am on a Saturday morning, we heard cats running around on the ground, persistently making noises. I opened my sleepy eyes and saw Wang Zai not far from us. So I said to Wang Zai, "My dear, today starts at 8 o'clock." As soon as the words came out, Wang Zai didn't expect that Wang Zai would stop running immediately. When I looked again, Wang Zai was running out of breath. Uncle said that cats can understand what people say. But this kind of thing really happened to me, and when Wangzai heard the words and immediately stopped running, I was still surprised. I didn't expect the kitten to react so quickly. And uncle also said that animals are actually stronger than people in some places. Indeed, animals are more responsible than people, Wang Zai gasped for us to get up and run. Uncle also gave the example of Xiaomi looking at his cell phone for his uncle. Uncle told Xiaomi to keep an eye on the phone for uncle. Sure enough, whoever came to the mobile phone, Xiao Mi was closely guarded. Only uncle came to get the mobile phone and Xiao Mi relaxed his vigilance, and only uncle could get it. I really admire the kittens. I also want to learn from them, be a responsible person, and do what uncle told me.

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