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可爱的小猫Cute kitten



“哈哈,这些叔叔阿姨们真有意思!” “他们每天忙忙碌碌,却总有时间抱抱我、逗逗我。我喜欢在楼梯上守望,这样我就能看到他们每一个动作。嘻嘻,他们对我来说就像是繁忙的巨人,而我,是他们生活中的一抹轻松和乐趣。”




Cute kitten

A few days ago, our cute kitten (Little Milk) looked at us on the stairs with her big, cute and innocent eyes. It seemed to us that Little Milk was just looking at us very curiously. However, we didn't know that Little Milk had its own unique view of this home in its little head. "

"Haha, these uncles and aunts are so interesting!" "They are busy every day, but they always have time to hug me and tease me. I like to watch on the stairs so that I can see their every move. Hehe , they are like busy giants to me, and I am a touch of ease and fun in their lives.”

"I live a happy and fulfilling life in a warm family. I am full of curiosity about this family, especially novel things that always catch my attention."

"Sometimes, I like to sleep under the quilts of my family members, feeling the warmth in the quilts and the mystery of the unknown world. Whenever my family members sit down, I want to jump on their laps and enjoy their warm embrace. Their hands gently Touching my head seemed to give me all the care. I closed my eyes, my heart was full of contentment, and I felt the warmth of family."

"Every day is novel and fulfilling. I enjoy the happy time this family brings me. Here, I learn simple and sincere happiness, learn to trust and be loved. Although my life is only small, But full of simplicity and innocence, I am willing to grow up and stay with this warm home forever."

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