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可爱的小家伙Cute dog


In the past two weeks, the temperature has dropped to minus ten degrees Celsius in the blink of an eye. Because of the snow, the ground was covered with ice. In such weather, even playing basketball outdoors has become a challenge. Even though it was freezing outside, our dog seemed very excited. As soon as he got into the snow, he started to play lively and curiously sniffed everywhere on the ground. The dog's nose was covered with white snow, which looked very cute. Every time I stood up from the nest with a "chun", I walked to the door and sat up straight, watching people start wagging their tails, waiting to go out. When it snows heavily outside, he also likes to have snowball fights. He is very cute and playful. After playing happily, I came back, took a bath, and then lay on top of someone. He was such a cute little guy.

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