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可爱的大金 Cute Big Gold




One night, I went to the basement to help Yufei get things. Before going down, Yufei said, if Dajin is still lying on his stomach in the basement, he should pat him. As expected, Da Jin was still there, and then I touched his little head and patted it. Because I had other things to do, I said to him: "Jin Jin, I can't take pictures of you for a long time. Come to our room at night, and I will take pictures of you again, okay?" As promised, Daikin came over just as we were going to bed that night. He stood by the bed and looked up at us, reminding us with a "meow" that he had come to the appointment.

Da Jin is an obedient cat. Because he has a good appetite and eats well, his weight has always been far ahead. Almost every afternoon at three or four o'clock, Dajin would run to us and meow loudly. Every time I saw this scene, I didn't need to think too much to know that Da Jin wanted to eat snacks. But for the sake of his health, Da Jin needs to lose weight. One day, Yufei and I told Da Jin to eat less snacks, and after that Da Jin always felt depressed, and he seldom grumbled even when we were taking pictures. Until yesterday afternoon, my sister gave Dajin some dried fish, and he would gurgle all afternoon! It can be seen how important food is to Daikin. Every time he asked Da Jin to lose weight, he would silently walk aside or hide under a certain chair, lower his head in aggrieved manner, and sometimes even get angry and just skip eating... Even though Da Jin likes eating small meals very much Snacks, but he never competed with other cats. He was always unhurried, quietly standing aside and waiting.

Da Jin is such a cute, honest, and understanding kitten. I hope Da Jin can grow up healthy and happy!

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