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只知有人,不知有己 Consider Others



In ancient times, a scholar surnamed Pan went to the province to take the provincial examination with two friends. There was a fortune teller who was very effective in fortune telling where they lived. He quietly said to the two friends: "Pan Jun is going to be in great trouble. It is urgent." Avoid it." So his friends used the excuse that the house was too small, and each gave Pan Jun two ingots of silver so that he could rent another house. One night, Pan Jun was walking by the river and saw a woman who was about to commit suicide by throwing herself into the river. He hurriedly stepped forward to stop her and gave her four ingots of silver in his sleeve to tide her over. After returning to his residence, the landlord humiliated him because he was short of money, so Pan Jun had to live in a temple. That night, the temple monk dreamed that the gods descended from the sky to discuss the matter of the examination: It was originally scheduled that Jie Yuan had been removed from the list by God because he had done something detrimental to his moral character recently, but he had not yet found a suitable candidate to replace him. One god asked Pan Jun, who lived in the temple, to take his place, but another god said, "How can he do Jieyuan when he has such a violent face?" At this time, a god approached Pan Jun and touched Pan Sheng's face with his hand: "Isn't it now the appearance of Jie Yuan?" After the exam, when Pan Jun went to the residence of his two friends to say goodbye, he met the fortune teller again. The fortune teller was shocked and asked him what good deeds he had done. It turned out to be the case later.

The reason why Pan Jun was able to turn the fate of violent death into the fate of liberation was not just because he saved someone's life. If Pan Jun had considered the expense he would have to spend, he would probably have backed down from helping the woman. It was his kind and selfless heart of helping others regardless of personal gains and losses, "only knowing that there are others, but not knowing himself", so he only spent four ingots of silver to not only save another person's life, but also to avoid a violent death himself, and he also had to win the prize . Therefore, everything we encounter in life is a test given to us by God. People who do not have enough merit will naturally not achieve their ideal achievements. If you want to achieve success, hard work is important, but morality is even more important. Pan Jun's kind of "only knowing that there are others but not knowing himself" is exactly what I lack. When others need help, we always hesitate because of our own selfishness or other reasons. However, if we can truly care about others and lend a helping hand, we can not only help others get out of trouble, but also make our own hearts kinder.

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