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受益良多Benefit a lot




Benefit a lot

During this time, my uncle let me participate in two piano performance activities led by my piano teacher. In April, the North York Music Festival piano competition, awards, and semi-annual student recitals. My piano teacher said that the performance was very good, and the teacher also received many positive comments from many people. Although the repertoire was much shorter this time than the one in January, it has improved compared to that time. In fact, looking back, since I came to Canada two years ago, my uncle found me a piano teacher and started learning from level 7, and now I have learned the performance level in more than two years. Such a progress is not easy. If it weren't for my uncle, I wouldn't have made such great progress. Only when we are here with Uncle, have good time arrangements, do what we should do well, and reasonably arrange time for hobbies after school, can we truly have a balanced interest and motivation in a thing, and can we really learn a thing well. Looking back at the appearance of learning the piano when I was a child, it pales in comparison. Although I played the piano non-stop every day, I neither treated it seriously or with great interest, nor did I have a particularly good teacher to teach it. Once you take it as a professional or high-intensity study, you may immediately lose interest completely. This is actually the reason why I didn't stick to learning piano very well before. But now with my uncle, although I don’t spend so much time on the piano every day, first, because of the reasonable schedule, I have a steady interest in the piano and the efficiency of practicing the piano; second, the teaching method is completely different from before. It is no longer the kind of teaching that indoctrinates and blindly imposes oppression. So although you practice for 1 to 2 hours a day, the gains are no less than three or four hours a day.

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